miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010


Made in my candy's class :D

So funto made and easy to......Made with marzipan

Conchitas or conchas it's the name of a traditional bread that we have here in mexico [link]

size: a little bigger than a dime coin

Turron de Chocolate Tutorial

A new tutorial (:

Hope you do it :dance:

Final Product [link]

Mayan Hot Chocolate Tutorial

Mayan hot Chocolate recipe (:

Squash add mainly, texture and consistency. It's suppose to be thick and creamy. Also it draws out the spices, making them a more present flavor and aroma. Give it a try, you'll be surprised.

* if u dont hace Ibarra Mexican Chocolate [link] you can use Abuelita Mexican Chocolate [link] if u dont find anny of this 2 you can use semi-sweet dark chocolate.

** If you can drink milk, you can use soy, almond or rice milk as well (:

The butternut squash has to be like this [link] [link]

If you what to make this recipe and is not squash seasson you can use roasted carrots or yams (:

A new recipe that ihave made (: hope you enkoyt make in

Also Here (: